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Check Out Average Salary Of Hot Occupations In Vietnam
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Check Out Average Salary Of Hot Occupations In Vietnam



High income is sometimes not because it is a difficult profession, but just because it fully meets the urgent needs of the market. 

A list of stable high-paying occupations is difficult to define. However, if based on the needs of consumers and the needs of society at a certain time, we can identify a number of professions that bring good income for anyone who dares to invest and want to grow in those professions.

How about the salaries of hot occupations in Vietnam today?

Based on the development trend of the market and human resource needs in the future, Vietsourcing Human Resources will introduce you to the salaries of the trending occupations in Vietnam today.

Factors Determining The Salary Of Professions

Each job position will have a different salary. And this amount will have a certain difference, even a very large one. The salary of the profession depends on many factors such as:

  • The demand of the market: When the labor market lacks personnel for a certain industry, it will be easy to apply for a job if you have a degree in that industry. At the same time, you can also get a more competitive income.
  • Development trend: There are hot jobs at the moment, but there is a risk of being eliminated or reducing recruitment demand and saturation in the future. The salaries of the industries that catch up with the development trend will be higher than the fields that are at risk of being replaced by machines and technology.
  • Competence of employees: As with any profession, if you are really outstanding, you will have the ability to compete. In fact, external objective factors are only a part. The subjective factors, which are the qualifications and skills of the workers, will determine the level of income.
  • In addition, your salary depends on a number of other factors such as: salary and welfare policy of the company, working area, field of activity, development opportunities and training policy, etc.

Salaries Of Hot Occupations In Vietnam 

Information Technology

Vietnam is a country with a very strong growth rate in information technology. Therefore, the training and retraining of human resources in the industry have become increasingly necessary. However, human resources in IT Product Company and Infomation Technology Outsourcing are still limited. Therefore, this is a good opportunity to find a high-paying job for those passionate about engineering in general and Information Technology in particular.

  • Reference Salary Range (per month)


Technical Architect7-103,5005,000
Senior Software Developer3-61,5003,000
Data Scientist2-51,5004,500
Senior Bridge System Engineer6-102,0003,000
Data Engineer2-51,5002,500
Project Manager5-102,5003,500
Product Manager5-102,5004,000



IT Manager/Director8+2,0005,000
IT Network/ HelpDesk Support3-88001,500
IT Infrastructure/ System2-51,0002,000


Source Pic: Internet

In today's digital age, joining the workforce of the information technology industry is contributing to the development of technology and science. You can work as an engineer to design, build and manage projects on information technology applications; engineers operate and monitor IT applications in enterprises, etc.


Manufacturing is a field that many young people are interested in and chosen because of the scarcity of human resources for this industry as well as the stable career opportunities of the society for the job positions of this industry. The labor market in the machinery manufacturing industry is always in a serious shortage of human resources. According to forecasts of human resource search centers and labor market information sources, the groups of mechanical engineering, metallurgy, and automobile technology are currently leading the market in terms of human resource demand.

  • Reference Salary Range (per month)
Technical Manager5+2,0003,500
Senior Technician5+1,0001,800
Production Director10+2,0004,000
Production Supervisor3-51,0002,000
Production Staff3-5500700
Process Manager5-101,5003,000



Source Pic: Internet

It can be seen that manufacturing is a discipline that provides society with human resources that are very important for the development of the economy and society. This field of study always creates stable job opportunities and has a great standing in society, so it is quite understandable that it becomes a high-income profession.

Therefore, students of manufacturing technology will have very wide job opportunities with attractive salaries and excellent remuneration from businesses and organizations operating in the field of mechanics or machine manufacturing.

Construction and Real Estate

Construction and real estate is a profession with great attraction for dynamic young people. With unlimited staffing needs, many attractive job positions, and opportunities to conquer the top level of income. This is one of the options that you cannot ignore.

  • Reference Salary Range (per month)
Project Director10+4,000 7,000
Investment Director10+5,000 7,000
Design Director 10+4,000 5,000
Project Legal Director10+5,000 10,000
Cost & Contract Manager 7+2,0003,000
BIM Manager 7+2,0003,500

Source Pic: Internet

Construction and real estate investment are increasingly popular and developed in recent times. In particular, today's orientation and redevelopment of urban areas create great job opportunities for workers in this profession.

According to general assessment, construction and real estate is a profession with unlimited income, very flexible in space and time. Career opportunities range from individual businesses, real estate brokerage firms to working in multinational real estate corporations. Moreover, you can also combine work with all other fields and industries.

You can join and work in state management agencies from central to local levels or businesses operating in banking, business enterprises, brokerage, and real estate consulting. In the coming time, the construction and real estate industry promises to boom again and bring more profits to investors and brokers.

F&B Chains

Along with the development of the economy and human needs, the F&B industry is also growing strongly, creating many job opportunities with attractive salaries.

Today, F&B appears integrated with many different fields and types of businesses such as hotels, resorts, bars, cafes, clubs, etc. The F&B department will take care of the dining needs of the guests staying. In addition, this department also undertakes a number of related jobs such as organizing birthdays or parties upon request.

  • Reference Salary Range (per month)
Operations Director10+3,0005,000
Restaurant Manager3+1,0002,000
Brand Manager5+1,5003,000
QA Manager10+2,0005,000
R&D Manager7+1,5002,000
Head Chef10+2,5005,000


F&B Chains

To take up high positions in this field as well as enjoy attractive salaries, you will need a long time to accumulate the necessary professional knowledge and experience. This promotion process will be shortened or prolonged depending on your own efforts.

Consumer Goods 

The brands of today's consumer goods industry are not too far away from us anymore. We can mention some famous names around the world as well as in Vietnam such as Unilever, P&G Vietnam, Vinamilk, Coca-cola, etc. The outstanding development makes these businesses always attract a lot of candidates' attention and recruitment. Currently, the consumer goods industry is one of the leading industries in terms of high-level recruitment demand and attractive salaries.

  • Reference Salary Range (per month)
Country Manager10+8,00010,000
Brand Manager5+1,5003,000
Operation Manager5+1,0002,000
Merchandise Manager5+1,2001,800
Store Manager5+1,0001,500
Training Manager5+1,2001,500

Source Pic: Internet

The consumer goods industry today always provides a large number of goods at a reasonable cost to the majority of users. Even in times of economic crisis or epidemic, companies in this industry are always growing. Because of the great demand and supply, job opportunities in this field are always open for qualified candidates. Besides, companies operating in this industry all have a professional working environment. Therefore, the employees working here receive attractive regimes and benefits.

Wrapping Up

Above are the salaries of hot occupations in Vietnam today. However, the above salaries are for reference only. You absolutely can have a higher or lower salary depending on the seniority, the company's remuneration or the development of your own capacity, and many other objective factors.

With the information above, you can probably make your own decision about which career to pursue. Each profession requires different expertise and qualities. However, as long as you try your best, the chances of success are great. We hope you will find a job that matches your ability with a desirable salary.

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