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How To Choose A Headhunting Company In Vietnam?
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How To Choose A Headhunting Company In Vietnam?


5 Criteria You Should Keep In Mind

Characteristics Of Headhunt Companies In Vietnam

Currently, there are many headhunt companies operating in Vietnam. In which, names such as Navigos Search, Adecco, freeC Asia, RECO, FA, Vietsourcing HR, etc. Each company will be different in size and typically range from 10 to 100 employees. At the same time, each headhunter service will specialize in a certain area. For example, Vietsourcing HR (Vietsourcing Human Resources) specializes in providing candidate search services related to the Real Estate Company, Retail, IT Product Company, E-commerce, or Fintech industries in Vietnam. Therefore, depending on the recruitment needs, each business will choose a suitable company.

The recruitment department will also have an independent division of operations. Normally, the young consulting team will mainly recruit staff for IT, e-commerce, and marketing industries. Experienced staff will recruit staff in complex fields such as real estate.

Headhunt fee will depend on many factors such as:

  • Company brand name
  • Quality of ability to provide candidates
  • Time to provide candidates
  • Candidate's warranty period
  • Service fee payment time

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How To Choose A Headhunting Company In Vietnam?

1. Fits the resources of the business

Each business will have different recruitment costs for each position. This cost can be less or more. Therefore, choosing the right headhunter unit for the cost of the business is important and should be a top priority.

Before signing a contract, businesses should learn carefully about the information of the headhunter unit as well as their policies and terms of service, including:

  • Warranty Policy
  • Policy on expenses
  • Complaint policy
  • Customer care policy

2. Time to find suitable candidates

Talk to the recruitment consultant so that they can commit to the quality of the candidate and the time to find the right candidate for you. Normally, to recruit vacancies, businesses will often spend a lot of time and effort. Therefore, look to a professional headhunter to help you complete the process and handle candidate sources as quickly as possible. They use an extensive network of information, leverage personal relationships and word of mouth rapidly. Therefore, businesses can get a list of potential candidates in the shortest time.

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3. Customer care services

For the HR process to go smoothly, businesses need to understand the working style of the headhunter unit before embarking on cooperation. If the job wants to go smoothly, there needs to be cooperation between the two parties. Thereby, the professionalism and potential of the staff with long-term experience in the headhunter unit will be an important evaluation criterion of the business.

As a bridge between businesses and candidates, a headhunter with a professional working style will provide the right candidate for the business after understanding their brand values ​​and goals when the business is actively looking for candidates or vice versa.

4. Cost

Normally, the cost for headhunter services in the market will be depend on the specificity of the job or the scarce source of candidates, the time required, the level up, etc., the recruitment costs will vary. 

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If your business is in Vietnam and you want to find Vietnamese human resources, a Vietnam headhunter company will be the ideal choice because it will have low costs. If there is a large budget, choose foreign headhunters. However, make sure that the recruitment cost of the headhunting company you choose is not too high compared to the market. When paying for headhunting services, headhunter companies need to provide a warranty to assure customers.

5. Have strengths in the right field

Each headhunter agency will have a strength in a certain field. We cannot choose a headhunter for a Marketing agency to recruit IT positions. We must list and find out the units with headhunting services related to the field that the business is recruiting.

Because each field will have different criteria for evaluating candidates, salary, and benefits regime. At the same time, headhunter companies specializing in a certain field will have a larger pool of candidates than multi-disciplinary recruiting units. Besides, they can understand the wishes of the business and accurately communicate to potential candidates.

If you are looking for candidates in fields such as Real Estate Investment, Trading, Retail, Information Technology Outsourcing, E-commerce, or Fintech in Vietnam, Vietsourcing HR will be a perfect choice for you.

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Currently, Vietsourcing HR is the first choice for both candidates and employers because the headhunter service specializes in providing high-level personnel effectively and especially saving costs and time. Up to now, 90% of senior personnel have chosen as a reliable partner to accompany them throughout their career.

When choosing to headhunt service at, employers will receive advantages such as:

  • Provide candidates for interviews in just 5 working days
  • Provide unlimited candidates until a suitable candidate is found
  • Fees are only collected when the candidate has gone to work
  • No contract deposit fee
  • Guarantee of replacement for 60 days when candidates receive the job

You can find out more about Vietsourcing HR's headhunt service by clicking here or contact via email: [email protected].

Final Thoughts

Headhunting is a rapidly growing human resource recruitment service in the Vietnamese market. With the massive investment of foreign businesses in Vietnam, this service will surely develop even more strongly in the near future. At the moment, more and more headhunt companies are appearing and working in Vietnam. Therefore, you need to know how to choose a headhunting company in Vietnam that can help you find excellent candidates in the fastest time. This is also the goal that Vietsourcing HR will bring to all businesses.

Hopefully, the above article will help you find the best headhunt service for the development of your company in the future and thanks for reading!


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