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Top 5 Industry Investment Opportunities In Vietnam For Foreigners
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Top 5 Industry Investment Opportunities In Vietnam For Foreigners



Vietnam's economy has grown rapidly after signing the TTP commitment. The effects of the industrial revolution 4.0 are the main reasons this country has attracted many international investors in recent years. Besides, a significant expansion of the middle class makes this country the best place to invest. Increasing demand for infrastructure, healthcare, and agriculture is also creating investment opportunities for Vietnam that directly attract foreign investors.

What are the best industry investment opportunities in Vietnam for foreigners? Follow our article below!

About Investment Opportunities In Vietnam

After joining APEC in 1998 and WTO in 2007, Vietnam has strongly implemented its commitments to international economic integration. Vietnam is open to cross-border trade in the world.

From 2018 to now, within ASEAN, Vietnam is implementing commitments to cut 98% of tariff lines. Regarding trade with South Korea, Japan, and Australia, Vietnam is reducing taxes on sensitive lists. By proactively realizing those commitments and pledging to create favorable conditions for foreign businesses, Vietnam is also reaffirming its important geopolitical position in Southeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. Besides, Vietnam also possesses a favorable geographical position which has proven to be an attractive investment destination.

5 Best Industry Investment Opportunities In Vietnam For Foreigners

Digital Marketing – will lead the trend

The Internet has opened up the Marketing industry to a new way of marketing. It is Digital Marketing.

Marketing is an industry that plays a very important role in almost every business organization's business activities. The effectiveness of sales activities is greatly influenced by marketing, and it also influences the business activities in the present and the future. There are more and more advertising and media companies in Vietnam. Businesses want to sell a lot of goods and products. An indispensable part is how investors bring products to consumers to be able to compete with many competitors.

Digital Marketing

It can be said that no business can grow without the right Digital Marketing strategy. That's why these 4.0 marketers are being sought after by companies.

In Ho Chi Minh City, the demand for human resources in Marketing is 10,000 people/year. Therefore, this is one of the best investment opportunities for foreigners in Vietnam.

Information technology

Information technology (IT) is one of the key economic sectors of Vietnam today and in the future. High-tech parks in Vietnam were born, gaining initial success in the field of software export. Vietnam is also among the first countries to deploy 5G worldwide.

The above-mentioned positive signs make us completely confident in the prospects of the IT industry in Vietnam. The foreign labor market also needs many IT talents.

Information technology

According to the demand report for ICT human resources, Vietnam has recently emerged as a powerhouse in technology outsourcing and development, attracting large corporations to invest in Vietnam such as Intel, Samsung, Toshiba, Foxconn, Bosch, Sony, Cisco, NEC, Fujitsu, etc. 

Especially, under the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic, almost all investment fields in Vietnam, as well as the world, have started to invest in digital transformation models such as:

  • Fintech: Finance + Technology
  • Proptech: Property + Technology
  • Insurtech: Insurance + Technology
  • Wealthtech: Wealth + Technology
  • Edtech: Education + Technology
  • Foodtech: Food + Technology
  • Biotech: Biology + Technology
  • Healthtech: Health + Technology
  • Retailtech: Retail + Technology
  • Madtech: Marketing + Advertising + Technology
  • Cleantech: Clean + Technology
  • Legaltech: Legal + Technology

As a consequence, more and more technology companies and corporations have been opened in Vietnam. In which, IT Outsourcing Company also increased and developed significantly. Therefore, information technology is a potential industry if you are looking for investment opportunities in Vietnam.

Manufacturing Industry

Vietnam is in the process of industrialization and modernization of the economy, followed by the appearance of a series of large manufacturing factories. In which, there are some large-scale factories such as Samsung Thai Nguyen (SEVT), Bourbon Tay Ninh Sugar Factory, Intel Chip Assembly Factory, etc. These factories have made a great contribution to the country’s economic development while providing jobs for thousands of workers in Vietnam.

Manufacturing Industry

Over the years, the manufacturing industry has made important achievements, making great contributions to the growth of the industry as well as the economic growth of the whole country.

Nowadays, Vietnam's manufacturing industry is on a strong growth trend. It gradually supplied more competitive products, dominated the domestic market, and increased exports. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for foreign businesses to invest in Vietnam.

Real Estate Industry

It can be said that the real estate market is fertile land for investors to exploit. Currently, many big foreign real estate investors are succeeding in Vietnam, such as Phu My Hung, Gamuda, Hongkong Land, Keppel Land, etc.

Real Estate Industry

Last year, Vietnam was one of three countries in the Asia-Pacific region that recorded positive growth, next to China and New Zealand. This is an excellent platform for Vietnam to continue to attract investment, especially FDI. Moreover, in the coming timer, new trends in the real estate market open up profitable opportunities for investors. Especially the trend of urban development in urban areas. This will be a great investment opportunity for foreign investors in Vietnam.


Vietnam has a rich and diverse tourism potential. Therefore, tourism is a spearhead and the most invested economic sector in Vietnam. The hotel and restaurant tourism market in Vietnam is growing stronger and hotter than ever. This industry trains human resources to work in a professional-class environment, a luxurious, civilized space, wide communication, and a much higher income level than the general employment level of the society.

The tourism industry in Vietnam is increasingly developing with tourist destinations, resorts, shopping centers to meet the needs of domestic and international tourists. In Ho Chi Minh City, the demand for human resources in this industry to 2025 has the ratio of occupations to total employment of 8%; the number of workplaces is 21.600 people/year. This is a smart choice for foreign investors in Vietnam.


The above are just 5 industries that are invested the most in Vietnam today. Besides these industries, many fields also attract a lot of foreign investment in Vietnam, such as real estate, agriculture, e-commerce, manufacturing, retail, etc. These are all promising industries and great opportunities for foreign investors in Vietnam. With the advantages of human resources, geographical location, and economic potential, Vietnam will be a fertile land for foreign investors to exploit.

However, the biggest problem that most businesses face is human resources. Although Vietnam has abundant human resources, it is often difficult for investors to find suitable candidates to build their team. If you are also facing this problem, contact Vietsourcing Human Resources

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Wrapping Up

The above article has introduced you to great investment opportunities in Vietnam, especially for foreign investors who are looking for partners and business opportunities in this country. Therefore, we hope you can find your necessary information about the best industry investment opportunities in Vietnam for foreigners. In case you need help finding the best executive search and selection in the investment field, please contact our advisory team via email [email protected]. We are always here to assist you.

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