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What is headhunting? Have you got the right Headhunt service provider in Vietnam?
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What is headhunting? Have you got the right Headhunt service provider in Vietnam?


The most valuable resource in today's fast-growing corporate world is People. The current senior recruiting scenario is evidence of the expertise of recruitment consultants, also known as headhunter.

The headhunter, they themselves have established their expertise and role as an important link in the recruitment chain of businesses. Different companies and corporations have chosen to hire headhunter to strengthen their human resources, making the most of the expertise the headhunters bring to their hiring process.

The boom in the headhunting industry can be attributed to the superior understanding of headhunt experts on market and job rules, job requirements, human skills, ability to meet. of candidate etc.

In recent years, the employment rate in the recruitment industry has increased dramatically to push the headhunting industry to a high demand, which can be considered as a high-end sales industry.

So, to join or start a much-needed service like this, what do people need to succeed? The suggestions below will help better understand the jobs and don'ts of the business.  

It is imperative to have in - depth knowledge of the industry, job requirements, work culture, personnel policies, etc. This is why most headhunt companies work in specialized fields. Well defined and deliver their services in the right specialty. A good grasp of the various issues that make it difficult for the market is essential. Every recruiting project, looking for new candidates that a headhunter undertakes is like the work of rubbing rice grains from rice husks and then sowing seeds. In other words, this job needs to perform pre-screening for multiple candidates for a vacancy. This is the skill that the headhunter excels outwardly, becoming more prominent than the internal recruiting department of the business. Piloting the right people into the right jobs requires specialized screening of candidates' competencies and skills to ensure high-value performers are selected.             

In addition, headhunter also requires consideration of certain factors such as consideration of the candidate's values, job interests, skills, background, stability, family commitments, etc. These are the parameters, a guideline for the headhunter to analyze the candidate's suitability with the requirements of the employer. The main objective is not to create short-term jobs but to narrow the supply-demand gap between enterprises and workers. 

Besides, professional headhunter should guide candidates on interview handling skills. Headhunter plays an important role in negotiations related to salaries, benefits and benefits in other jobs. A headhunter must always place his or her reputation in the candidate's capacity. The responsibility of a headhunter not only ends once the candidate is recruited, but also continues to Track that candidate while working at the company, which is also a value-added service that can give an advantage. headhunter and help them create long term relationship with the company.    

With a clear understanding of the above, a headhunter can be adapted to succeed in a client company's recruitment scenario. Headhunter charges a commission from the company for every successful recruitment, but they also have loyalty to the candidate. Therefore, it is important for him to help the candidate find a good job and have a suitable salary and benefits.  

The fierce competition in the war for talent hunt on the labor market has led to some companies’ headhunt must work day and night. In short, successful head hunting is not just about skills, but also about choosing the right people and the right place at the right time.  

In other words, a headhunter is really a key to being the candidate at the right time, suitable for any business, that pot.

Dismantle the work of a Headhunter:

Businesses often hire headhunts when recruiting senior management, high-level personnel, but in some cases, headhunt companies and search companies can still be involved in recruiting staff positions. Headhunters working on behalf of client companies often hunt for international organizations and foreign-invested companies in search of top talent. In addition, some individuals may contact a headhunter to provide a resume to apply for a position that headhunter is seeking. Today, headhunters are supported on many levels by internet technologies, including social media and online job platforms.

How is Headhunt paid in Vietnam?

The Headhunter only make money when they recruit successfully, candidates have passed the trial at the customer company. The usual fee is 18% to 25% of the first-year salary of a vacancy. When headhunt companies work for businesses, they are more motivated to satisfy customers than direct candidates. At Vietsourcing HR, we are very good at Real Estate, Retails, Information Technologies and also the Hospitality, we are not only recruiting but also consulting the clients about the salary range to compete in Vietnam market.  

The less reputable headhunt companies often compete with professional firms that own large customer networks and candidates. They can operate in a similar way, such as email, contacting contacts or connecting via LinkedIn.

A good headhunter, how will they do the job?

A good headhunter will contact you before knowing that you fit the vacancy based on your skills and experience.

If they ask for your past or current salary, this is a minus point. Instead, they should let you know the salary of the opportunity they are calling and then ask you if it is suitable.

A poorly prepared headhunter will contact you and may try to interview you quickly while you are on the phone.

Quality headhunter is easy to approach and naturally communicate, they themselves implement professional working methods.

Poor quality headhunter shows bad signs such as speaking quickly, being rude, making too many requests, being difficult to access or neglecting to reply to the candidate's message.


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