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Short-term Recruitment & Temporary Staffing service

Short-term Recruitment & Temporary Staffing service

Recruitment is always a problem for businesses, especially when businesses urgently need to find short-term employees and workers to meet the urgent needs of the project and seasonality and temporary period.

For many businesses, hiring suitable people with conditions such as salary budget, experience, qualifications and capacity often faces many difficulties. Qualified and professional candidates now have too many options to work in businesses. If the treatment is not good, they are also willing to give up the old job to find a new "landing".
According to the report of the Survey Statistics Industry, updated as of December 31, 2017, there were an estimated 560,000 businesses nationwide. By the end of March 2019, there were exactly 12,472 newly registered establishment. Therefore, the problem of recruiting personnel, which has caused headaches for employers, will now become even more painful if businesses need to recruit quickly or quickly recruit short-term employees to meet the demand of the season. services, projects, peak time on production ... These employees may be required for qualifications, or not, but businesses are still required to exercise their rights under the provisions of Labor law such as paying insurance, complying with working hours and not working more than 48 hours / week ... However, businesses also have certain benefits when recruiting this type of personnel, such as enterprises. will optimize personnel costs, increase labor productivity quickly and especially meet the work plan Shit.

So when Enterprises need short-term and seasonal personnel? In many cases, businesses will need seasonal, short-term personnel.
Those cases can be listed as follows:

  • When manufacturing enterprises enter the urgent period, they need to complete contracts and projects
  • When the business enterprise needs to expand the market in the first phase
  • When businesses are newly established and need a large number of personnel to deploy plans and projects ..
  • When enterprises need to implement projects or have unexpected jobs, they need more personnel

The advantage of Vietsourcing HR for short-term, seasonal/ temporary HR recruitment services:

With more than 12 years of experience in recruiting, consulting, supporting businesses in planning and implementing human resource plans, Vietsourcing HR is proud to be a reputable unit, providing human resource recruitment services. the short-term, the best and fastest quality season for customers in need. Besides, our other advantages in short-term and short-term human resource recruitment services are:

  • Huge data system with complete profiles of candidates from beginner to advanced, in all industries and types.
  • Professional staff, proficient in the recruitment process of many types of organizations and businesses from production to commercial business.
  • The fastest time for service: within 10 days after receiving the request from customers.
  • Vietsourcing HR always understands the motto: In business, time is Gold, so we have been working incessantly and always improving and improving the working process to help customers spend the least time for the translation. human resource case.
  • Reasonable cost: with the time to conduct hiring quickly, meaning that the deployment steps are also streamlined, more concise, helping to save costs and personnel.

Process of service implementation and deployment

Vietsourcing HR conducts a quick and professional job search and strictly follows the hiring process. The process of deploying our Short-term, Seasonal Recruitment service is as follows:

1- Customers are interested in Vietsourcing services and send email / SMS / call to request service advice. Contact

2- The consulting team and experts of Vietsourcing HR will quickly contact customers to find information, consult and give information surveys (including questions about businesses, subjects to be recruited). basic benefits and remuneration for candidates, recruitment period, basic requirements for personnel ...)

3- Enterprises arrange to meet, exchange and sign contracts with Vietsourcing HR

4- Vietsourcing HR deploys the services and terms of the contract such as:

  • Reviewing the data system to find suitable subjects and personnel
  • Contact candidates in accordance with customer requirements
  • Interview and assess work capacity and personality appropriate to the business
  • Check information, identity, competencies of candidates with tests suitable to each industry
  • Send candidates to businesses for interviews and assessments
  • Participate in the recruitment process, negotiate salaries with candidates
  • Looking after candidates, assisting candidates and businesses during the probationary period

5- Please send back Vietsourcing HR to the candidate, request support and advice (if necessary)
6- You meet with Vietsourcing HR to discuss the effectiveness of the contract

With a professional and dynamic team and a large data system, Vietsourcing HR is committed to total contact time, looking for candidates, interviewing and sending candidates to businesses no more than 10 working days from the date of the project.

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