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Mass Recruitment Service

Mass Recruitment Service

This type of service commonly used when you build or expand production and business activities with the requirements of recruiting personnel with a number of dozens, hundreds of people in a short time.

From the fact that businesses often have only 1-2 people in charge of recruitment or multiple roles, this makes the addition of large numbers of employees (irregular capital) of businesses cause poor quality of inputs or too much slippage compared to expectations.

04 main difficulties when recruiting large numbers of personnel

1. Post recruitment information

2. Filter records and make appointments for interviews/auditions

3. Check the professional capacity/attitude of personnel with work

4. Shorten the time of professional training after recruitment

Many stages of recruitment, many parts of the task need to be handled. When businesses have few people in charge of recruitment, even if they work scientifically, it is easy to result in difficult input for good quality workers in a short time.

Why should businesses choose Vietsourcing HR's services?

Meet all the number of recruitment

No matter how many employees you want, Vietsourcing HR (VSHR) can also respond.

Our database is always collected, synthesized and updated through 12 years of operation in many industries and fields as well as professional teams are always trained to know how to organize and advise solutions for customers, finding enough candidates for customers is something we can always guarantee. In addition, we believe that Vietsourcing HR's network and communication methods will surely be the communication channel to reach the most candidates, helping them quickly know your business needs to recruit and apply fastly.

Strict recruitment process  

Based on the requirements of each customer or each type of business, Vietsourcing HR's recruitment department will screen and provide the most appropriate criteria while building a strict recruitment process, make sure that interviewees are those who have been screened for standards and dignity. The last thing, is simply the decision of the business to choose the best among the best.  

Support the consulting and training package

As a member of a network of companies specializing in Training - Outsourcing - Consulting (Vietsourcing Group) and Human Resources, we are confident that the accompanying services (often consulted with free solutions) will satisfy Customers and bring many benefits for your business. In case you want to train your new employees soft skills and professional skills to catch up quickly, Vietsourcing HR will also provide free support and advice for the following training solutions after recruitment. 

Intensive by industries

Vietnam in the period of hot economic development, many new policies to support business development cause fierce human competition effect. Vietsourcing HR has a lot of experience to become a long-term partner with a group of businesses such as corporations, large businesses, factories or factories operating in the insurance and retail consumer goods, banking and garment industries, electronic equipment ...

Our in-depth understanding will bring qualified personnel best suited to recruitment requirements that require high qualifications. In addition, Vietsourcing HR can advise on optimizing costs, shorten training time, and policy-making consultancy to have more long-term employees attached to the business.   


With all the reasons for the above professionalism, network and process, customers can fully trust the quality of the service and will be satisfied with the cost paid for each recruitment package.


What guarantees Vietsourcing HR will help you succeed?


By diversifying our activities from recruitment, training to human resource optimization, we are not simply a senior with more than 12 years in the market but also deeply understand the entire process of personnel involved and we know how to help your businesses grow in the future.

Continuous improvement of the process to create flexibility in service

VSHR uses software in managing and promulgating recruitment processes so that the recruitment performance is most effective. However, the field of recruitment is mainly related to human factors, so our processes and software are evaluated and adjusted in a short time frame (about 6 months to 1 year) to bring out maximum satisfaction for customers

Continuously cooperating, continuously expanding the relationship of human resources

In modern society, the knowledge economy has led to formation, the talented people are precious assets for each business. The expansion of cooperation and relations with related communities is a successful highlight to help us own unique information in both quantity and quality.


Frequently asked questions

We are a local business, can you use this service?

You absolutely can. VSHR currently has 2 offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City serves recruitment activities throughout the country. In fact, we are currently covering all 63 cities and provinces because existing customers have branches nationwide. Even our scope of activities includes expanding to countries in Southeast Asia.

My company has a human resource crisis, is it appropriate to use this service?

Large numbers of human resource crisis often occur after Tet or there is a separation of a group of human resources in each enterprise. This is the difference of VSHR, in addition to the recruitment of large numbers, we also have the ability to search and provide key personnel simultaneously, you can refer to our Executives and Professional Search service.

For advice and free introduction on the 4-step recruitment route for a large-scale recruitment package, sign up for advice immediately for more in-depth advice.

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