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Best Headhunt Service provider in Vietnam.

Best Headhunt Service provider in Vietnam.

No one knows more about the science of professional headhunt service provider in Vietnam than Vietsourcing Human Resources especially the Financial Accounting industry, we proud that we are the best and most quickly in providing candidate to the Employer in a good manner time. Inheriting the database of ACCA, CAT and ICAEW students from Vietsourcing, a specialist in accounting and auditing, Vietsourcing HR has been making good use of these candidates.

In addition to the ability to search for candidates in the field of Financial Accounting, Vietsourcing HR is also the only unit that provides entrance tests for this major, we design tests that are appropriate for each category of business, from manufacturing to consumption, from trading to import/ export, from banking to auditing/ finance organization. We also have criteria to help businesses determine the attraction of managers from middle to higher levels in senior personnel recruitment projects over the past 12 years.

Our innovative search process offers unlimited access to passive candidates, with the industry's richest data on salaries and participation of candidates in recruitment positions. We have a lot of evaluation data to determine the success characteristics of each candidate when adapting to a business organization.

In addition to the strength of recruiting senior personnel in Finance and Accounting, it must also include the field of Real Estate. With the development of the fast-growing real estate industry, Vietsourcing HR is very quick in finding senior management candidates, executing business for real estate enterprises especially in Ho Chi Minh City market. Minh. With the constant demand for high-level personnel to develop Real Estate, Vietsourcing HR has constantly changed its strategy, expanded its approaches and innovations, and maximized its resources to confidently seek Obtaining suitable candidates for Real Estate customers, want to push the business forward.

Why choose Vietsourcing HR as a Headhunt service provider?

We understand people: With a team of recruitment consultants with up to 10 years of experience in the field of professional search, we provide customers with solutions for candidates, help customers with the look deeply at the candidates' capabilities, their personality traits, what motivates them to seek new job opportunities as well as whether their experiences are appropriate for their roles at the business. Our database is extensive with searches based on more than 1 million resumes in the industry, with enough data on job functions and organizational level.

We understand the market:Only Vietsourcing HR with 12 years of experience in the recruitment industry has a deep market analysis system, including job classifications of job descriptions, input wage standards, statistical reports on the labor market, times of scarcity or idle personnel. Vietsourcing HR helps customers not only believe in suitable candidates but also provide more information about the salary of this position in the market, based on the candidate's role and position requirements.

We are ready to expand: With a rich candidate database dedicated to each industry and each field with 2 offices in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City, we are always ready to meet all changes in demand. Customer recruitment needs are flexible and effective and still bring search results at the same time.

We deliver results:Most of the successful CEO positions (Real Estate Segments) and Chief Financial Officers are recruited thanks to Vietsourcing HR assessment method when considering the relevance of the application. With the client , the success of these candidates is 2 times higher than the candidates recruited by other suppliers. We learn very carefully, give the hypothetical situations of the business to the candidates, to minimize the inappropriate candidates in the probationary process .

During 12 years of operations in the field of Headhunt services in Vietnam, we realize that almost an organization will be hard to recover from the mistakes of poor leadership choices. Pressure on business owners is too great to find leaders who have the skills and experience they need to succeed, be able to identify and promote company strategy, and simply fit into the text. organization. Vietsourcing HR's executive search services always identify unique leaders, determine the organization's ideal fit and build appropriate frameworks to connect. and maintain.

Whatever your leadership needs, our innovative and tested approach allows customers to maximize resources, confidently activate their leadership strategy and attract leaders. Religion can unleash the full potential of the organization.

Our approach and methodology

With all vacancies from middle to senior management, Vietsourcing HR always uses the individual and network-focused search methods of each expert to gain insight into the deepest candidates. At Vietsourcing HR, taking care of individual candidates, communicating with them regularly, understanding their desires ... is almost a joy, bringing positive experiences in finding candidates to connect with connecting with businesses according to each customer's needs, each business, that is why more than 90% of our customers are introduced or re-used by old customers. In order to achieve high efficiency, we use the following methods in finding and approaching high-level personnel:

Extensive Research:From Vietsourcing HR's extensive network, we are always connected to create a group of top candidates, classified by industry and desired by candidates.

Complete Communication with clients: Vietsourcing HR always works closely with customers to thoroughly understand the needs, needs of customers, as well as the culture of the business. After that, we validate and adjust our customers' needs, to find the fastest solution for the right candidate.

Job Description development:Listen to customers, learn job descriptions carefully, then identify skills of important positions, help customers build a job description that prioritizes necessary skills arranged by Order when recruiting ideal candidates.

Personal interview with qualified candidates: Vietsourcing HR evaluates candidates from in-depth interview directly to body determined potential power full enough about submit degree ofthe they and the notch edge mandarin Their importance before sending documents to customers.

Reference checks:Conduct verification of the authenticity of the information provided by the applicant, as well as reference checks in former workplaces including the previous and previous candidates.

Presentation of candidates: Vietsourcing HR's experts will present candidates' profiles in the most understandable and compact form, including objective and expert reviews of Vietsourcing HR.

Employment and Negotiations: Vietsourcing HR always plays an ingenious role in connecting negotiations between Employers and Candidates in the post-interview phase of the recruitment process, ensuring the success of both sides is achieved, both at home and abroad. Recruitment and candidates.

With more than 12 years of experience in the field of headhunt (Advanced Search and Recruitment), Vietsourcing HR is proud to have successfully recruited for many large businesses such as Standard Bank, Gamuda Land, Unilever, Phu. My Hung, Dazan ... Currently, Vietsourcing HR is constantly expanding and seeking opportunities for cooperation with customers in Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries.

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