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Forecast Of Human Resources In Vietnam In 2022_Generation Z
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Forecast Of Human Resources In Vietnam In 2022_Generation Z


According to experts, in 2022, the labor market will continue to develop positively towards high quality. FALMI has made a forecast for Vietnam's labor market in 2022. Accordingly, unskilled labor and unskilled labor are on a profound downward trend. So at some point, even the unskilled workforce must undergo training.

In particular, the current Generation Z is quite independent in career orientation. Gen Z's primary concern is that work must help them satisfy their passions and tolerate unique experiences. 
Not looking for a high income or stability like previous generations, Gen Z pursues jobs that promote freedom, creativity and bring many amazing experiences. Accordingly, Information Technology, Business Administration, and Marketing are currently considered three potential careers chosen by Generation Z as a path to sustainable career development.

According to the data at lots of job posting sites in Vietnam, here are the TOP 10 most promising future occupations for Gen Z:
● Marketing Communications
● Business Administration
● Information Technology Outsourcing
● International Trade
● Hospitality industry
● Ecommerce 
● Automotive engineering
● Artificial Intelligence (AI) Industries
● Graphic design 
● Real Estate Investment
With the new trend, in 2022, the labor market will develop high-tech integrated industries. Specifically are technical services, network security, information security, e-commerce, etc. These are also highlights in the coming years.
Final Words
In the context of deeper international integration, the requirement for the human resource quality in Vietnam is to prepare the workforce to be able to meet and benefit from international commitments. Although Vietnam is in the golden population period with an abundant and stable labor supply, the integration trend has also put Vietnam in front of many new opportunities and challenges.
What will the quality of Vietnam human resources be like in the future? That depends partly on you! It's time for you to take charge of your future and contribute to the country's sustainable development.
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