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Work permit registration for Expatriate in Vietnam

Work permit registration for Expatriate in Vietnam

Navigating through paperwork and admin processes can be really stressful. Our team is here to help you through the complexity of in the preparation and submission of Work Permit and Residence Card Application for Expatriate Employees. 

As a Service provider with many years of experience in the field of Labor Regulation Consulting and business support services related to new registration, extension of work permits for foreigners and temporary residence card registration, Vietsourcing HR's professional staff will quickly deploy solutions, remove difficulties for businesses and bring the highest efficiency with the best cost.

With a team of experienced consultants and specialists, the highlight of Vietsourcing HR is the strict, flexible working process and the estimated time to complete the service to customers within 10 working days (including including 5 - 7 days to wait for permits and residence cards from competent agencies and units).

Our Work permit consulting services include:

  • New registration service of work permits for foreign workers
  • Service for renewing work permits for foreign workers
  • Temporary residence card registration service for foreign workers

Process of service implementation and deployment
Customers are interested in Vietsourcing services and send email / SMS / call to request service advice. Contact Info:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +84.24 22 488 444 (Hanoi) or +84 28 22 448 555 (Ho Chi Minh City)
Hotline (SMS): + 84 0866 988 444

  • Vietsourcing HR's consultants and experts will quickly contact you for information, advice (necessary and compulsory conditions to apply for a work permit) and give the survey. information (including questions about the business, the object to be registered, the necessary documents to carry out the registration ..)
  • Businesses arrange to meet, exchange and sign contracts with Vietsourcing HR
  • The consulting team and experts of Vietsourcing HR will deploy the parts / contracts in the contract quickly, including collecting documents, information about the object to be registered ... In case the object needs to be registered yet Having met the standards set by the Ministry of Labor, Vietsourcing HR will advise on specific solutions for your business to prepare and arrange accordingly.
  • The consultant team and experts of Vietsourcing HR will implement the new registration of work permits, extension or temporary residence card for foreign workers with the competent units and agencies.
  • As soon as the results from the units, authorities, consultants and experts of Vietsourcing HR will notify you immediately.
  • You arrange to meet and discuss with Vietsourcing HR to evaluate the performance and liquidate the contract.
  • The total time for receiving, consulting, signing, deploying, reporting results is no more than 10 working days (in case the work permit registrants meet all necessary conditions as prescribed by the Ministry of Labor. ).

Other useful information for businesses:

  • Conditions for applying for a work permit for foreign experts
  • Applicants (foreign experts) need to have full capacity for civil acts under the provisions of Vietnamese Law
  • Applicants must have health conditions suitable for their jobs and registered positions. Particularly for foreign workers practicing medical examination and treatment or coming to Vietnam for medical examination and treatment or working in education, training or vocational training, they must fully meet the conditions prescribed by the Law. Vietnamese law on medical examination, treatment, education, training and vocational training.
  • The subject of registration is not an offender, is wanted or is being examined for penal liability under the provisions of Vietnamese law and foreign / international law.
  • Enterprises with foreign experts who need to register have registered the need to use foreign workers.

Conditions for applying for a temporary residence card (residence permit) for foreign experts

  • Applicants for temporary residence cards must have a foreign passport with a minimum validity of 01 year.
  • In case the applicant has a work permit, the permit must be valid for 01 year from the time of expected application for temporary residence card.
  • For investors being investors, there must be documents, documents and papers proving that they are currently contributing capital or investing in Vietnamese enterprises (certificates of business registration, investment licenses). of project…)
  • Registrants must have a temporary residence period in Vietnam.

Please contact Vietsourcing HR team immediately for advice and solve any difficulties about the Labor Regulations!
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +84.24 22 488 444 (Hanoi) or +84 28 22 448 555 (Ho Chi Minh City)

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