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Representative Office Registration for Foreign Investment Company

Representative Office Registration for Foreign Investment Company

Along with the trend of integration and development, Vietnam is becoming an attractive and attractive destination for foreign businesses and organizations. However, is the registration procedure easy for businesses?

Vietnam is becoming an attractive destination for foreign units, businesses and organizations because of its economic potential, flexible investment policies, open and diverse market with more than 90 million people. However, to be able to invest and operate legally in the Vietnamese market, the first thing that businesses must think of is the registration of opening a representative office in Vietnam. However, with different legal systems, the different provisions and rules applicable to each type of business, industry, portfolio ... foreign enterprises will be difficult to catch up or real. show these business registration processes ...

Advantages of Vietsourcing HR for representative office establishment services in Vietnam

With years of experience in consulting and supporting businesses to implement labor procedures, Vietsourcing HR is proud to be a reputable unit, providing quality and quick opening of representative offices. The most for foreign businesses are in demand. Besides, our other advantages in setting up representative offices in Vietnam are:

  • Professional, knowledgeable and proficient staff of the provisions of the law of Vietnam and the laws of many countries

  • The fastest time to provide services: within 10 days after receiving complete documents from customers
  • Vietsourcing HR always understands the motto: In business, time is Gold, so we have been working incessantly and always improving and improving the working process to help customers spend the least time for the translation. administrative procedures and procedures.
  • - Reasonable cost: with fast procedure time, meaning that the deployment steps are also streamlined, more concise, helping to save operating costs and personnel.

Conditions for setting up a representative office in Vietnam

Pursuant to Decree No. 72/2006 / ND-CP, in order to be granted a license to set up a representative office in Vietnam, foreign businesses or businesses must meet the following conditions:

Foreign companies have been established and registered in accordance with the laws of the country and territories participating in treaties to which Vietnam is also a member or the laws of countries and territories. this recognition.

  • The overseas company has been operating in its home country for at least 1 year from the date of its establishment or registration.
  • In cases where the foreign business registration certificate provides the term of operation, the time limit for such license must be at least 01 year counting from the date of filing the dossier in Vietnam.
  • Activities of representative offices: market research, trade promotion in Vietnam
  • In case the operation of representative offices is inconsistent with Vietnam's commitments or foreign companies are not in the countries or territories participating in international treaties to which Vietnam is a contracting party, Representative offices must be approved by ministers and heads of ministerial-level agencies.

The process of implementing the service Establishing a Representative Office for a foreign company

Vietsourcing HR carries out the registration of representative offices of foreign companies and organizations quickly, professionally and strictly follows the registration process with the competent state agencies.

The process of deploying our Representative Office service is as follows:

1. Customers are interested in Vietsourcing services and send email / SMS / call to request service advice. Contact Info:Email: [email protected] Phone: +84.24 22 488 444 (Hanoi) or +84 28 22 448 555 (Ho Chi Minh City)

2. The consulting team and experts of Vietsourcing HR will quickly contact customers to learn information, advice and give information surveys (including questions about businesses, industries, regulations). model ..) in order to fully grasp the needs of customers.

3. Customers arrange to meet, exchange and sign contracts with Vietsourcing HR

4. Vietsourcing HR deploys the services and terms of the contract such as:

  • - Gather information, documents, papers about the business
  • - Arrange, synthesize this information and provide additional advice for businesses to prepare missing papers and documents (if necessary)
  • - Registering administrative procedures with competent state agencies. With a professional and dynamic team, Vietsourcing HR commits that the total time for contacting, consulting and registering with the state agency commits no more than 10 days from the date of receiving the complete dossier from customers.

5. Customers meet with Vietsourcing, receive and hand over papers and licenses to establish representative offices in Vietnam.

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