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Payroll Service & HR Compliance.

Payroll Service & HR Compliance.

Payroll calculation is the basic job of every business, however, for small and medium enterprises, salary calculation often causes risks, headaches and time-consuming inspection of management. Even the most meticulous and experienced professionals find that payroll can be a headache. Slap on a stiff penalty for a tax filing omission, and now we're talking a full-blown financially-induced migraine

For many businesses, payroll services offer an attractive and valuable alternative to in-house processing. Chosen correctly, they provide a less expensive, simpler means of paying your employees, filing your taxes, and performing a host of other duties these companies' sales reps can't wait to tell you about.

With a small number of employees, when newly established in Vietnam, most customers prefer to use salary management services of Vietsourcing HR are Representative Offices in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City and in Hanoi because Vietsourcing HR is locally knowledgeable, has good relationships with local authorities to support businesses in compliance with the law. Theoretically, internal staff is an essential role in the staff of businesses, and this function is just as important as the sales department, the marketing department or the accounting department.

Although some small and medium-sized businesses may hire a human resource specialist to be responsible for salary payment, there are a number of benefits that businesses refer to in order to decide on outsourcing payroll services.Due to this need and this fact, to optimize costs, time and reduce risks for businesses, Vietsourcing HR would like to offer Payroll Service and other HR compliance support are as follows through reputable HR service companies in Vietnam, to obtain the following benefits:

  1. Cost savings:The cost to hire 1 HR Manager and 2 affiliated employees will be much higher if you outsource a professional payroll service, with only a fee ranging from 5,000,000 VND 20,000,000 / month and do not have to worry about handing over between employees when they leave.
  2. Risk mitigation: Because the company provides a payroll service with a strong team of experienced professionals, long experience working with management agencies as well as the ability to perform accurate calculations, will help businesses. minimizing risks when providing high professional services.
  3. Increasing data security and safety:There are quite a few risks when employees of the enterprise calculate the salary themselves, there are many careless cases leading to the leakage of personal information of personnel, or there are also cases of forging records for personal gain or embezzlement. On a relative level, outsourcing a payroll service is more secure because Vietsourcing HR uses a remote server system to store data, avoiding the theft of business data.
  4. Ensuring Compliance with current labor laws: When establishing a representative office in Vietnam, most of the leaders of enterprises are not knowledgeable about the provisions of the current Labor Law and not Every employee is an expert in the complex field of government regulations on taxes and employment. Vietsourcing HR will help businesses with newly established representative offices in Vietnam to fulfill their legal obligations when employing employees in Vietnam, avoiding businesses making mistakes that lead to violations and being costly fines as well as other liabilities.

Why choose Vietsourcing Payroll Service & HR compliance service?

When using Vietsourcing HR Salary Management Service, businesses will receive the following benefits:

• Save time, cost, man-power

• Minimize the pressure of errors, overdue calculations and pay

• Save time and man-power to focus on production and business

• The payroll process is professionally operated

• To be consulted, supported and performed salary calculation by salary experts with many years of computational experience, implementing salary payment from various types and sizes of companies.

Vietsourcing HR services on Salary Management includes:

• Prepare and check payrolls

• Calculate payments and retain under Labor Law

• Paying salary to each employee at the request of the customer

• Prepare periodic reports on wages

• Implementation of personal income tax declaration procedures

• Implementation of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance procedures

Process of implementing and implementing Salary Management Services

• Customers are interested in Vietsourcing service and email / message / call to request service advice. Contact information:

Email: [email protected]

Phone:  086 6988 444 (Hanoi) or +84 28 22 448 555 (Ho Chi Minh City)

• Vietsourcing HR's consultants and experts will quickly contact you for advice and information (information about businesses, number and size of staff, payment mechanism, salary scale, regulations and other reward policies ..) and deliver a survey to synthesize information (including questions about businesses, payers, reward regulations ...)

• Customer arranges to meet, discuss and sign contract with Vietsourcing HR

• Vietsourcing HR's consultants and specialists will deploy contracts/ sections quickly, including collecting documents and information on salary payment mechanisms in accordance with the Labor Law. In case your business still does not have a clear mechanism of reward and payroll policies, Vietsourcing HR will advise specific calculation methods for you to implement in accordance with the type and human resource scale and salary budget of our company.

Vietsourcing HR consultants and experts will conduct the calculation and provide an appropriate payroll framework (if the company does not yet have a salary scale) or calculate a sample payroll for businesses to consult and review.

• As soon as the company management board approves the payroll plan from Vietsourcing HR, Vietsourcing HR's consultants and specialists will officially deploy the payroll and apply the payment to the employees of the company monthly.

• In addition to ensuring the payment of monthly payroll for employees, Vietsourcing HR will perform other operations on Salary Management, cost optimization commitment, corporate salary fund and advisory awards. Other suitable measures to minimize costs incurred for businesses.

• Every month/ quarter/ year, customer arranges to meet, discuss with Vietsourcing HR to evaluate the performance and continue to sign the contract.

• Total time of receiving, consulting, signing, providing sample payroll and other salary calculation processes ... not exceeding 5 working days.

Which businesses should use Salary Management service?

The following types of businesses and organizations should use the Payroll Management service:

- Newly established enterprises and have not much experience in management and operation

- Small and medium enterprises which do not need to maintain a cumbersome personnel department

- Large enterprises have too many personnel and the administrative - human resources department cannot undertake all the calculations and payroll for a large number of employees.

With the benefits and professionalism that Vietsourcing HR brings, customers will surely be satisfied when using the Salary Management service.

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